A Time and a Season

Lately I’ve been beating myself up mentally. Now let me explain.


It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, I love my child and I wouldn’t give up any experience or lesson or moment that I’ve had with her. With that said though, mentally I’ve been having a hard time. Lately I’ve been going a little crazy inside that I can’t just go to the store real quick and get some groceries or watch a tv show¬†uninterrupted. I KNOW that that is a part of parenthood but sometimes, just sometimes I want 5 minutes to myself, and I’m sure about every women reading thins can relate, even if you don’t have kids. I have always felt like there is something else I could be doing, even before Vylette came.


With that said, I was in church last sunday and we were talking about who knows what, because I was tending to Vylette most of the time, now that she is a super speed demon atcrawling. But the few seconds that I actually got to listen, one of the other ladies said that even though we, as mothers, sometimes think that there is something better to do, but really as mothers we are doing the most important job there is. We are raising children. And even though it might not seem that important that right now in that childs’ life it is important. She always said there is a TIME AND A SEASON to everything. And right now our season is to be the best mothers we can.

We have to feed the hungry, yes I feed my little piggy all the time.

We clothe the naked, yes her little bum is usually covered.

And we tend to their cries, even when I really just want to sleep.